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large companies

Why can’t large companies function correctly? They just can’t seem work out problems and kinks when they get net profit of 1 million. Is it just because stockholders eat their brains? Or souls? I mean BP has just been bumbling along for a year cleaning the gulf and they still aren’t done. And if they think they’re going to pull through this intact, I’ve got news that should have been known on day one.

They aren’t.

Google bought YouTube and linked it to everything.  Now i need a google account and link it to my Facebook account.  WHY?

I used to have a YouTube account. it was nice.  I go, I’d sign in, i’d watch videos.  Now signing in is an adventure in how soulless a company can become.  an adventure in failure. i can’t just give my email address and reset my password. why?  and don’t want a google account.  i don’t use Gmail or chrome, i hardly use google. 

this is incompetence.  Google is supposed to find things.   YouTube is for videos and i don’t need to have everything following me around on the web guessing what i want. 

i just want to like a video for Christs sake.