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Swear Words

Something that bothers me and many others.  It’s one of those hot button topics.  There is no such thing as bad language.  I don’t know why this started and how it’s held out but it has and it bothers me. George carlin said there are seven , lewis black said you can’t say fuck more than 40 times. And it’s said multiple times in this song. i really like this song and they play it on the radio occaisionally, my problem is they censor the word fuck.

fuck is part of the refrain. if you’re gonna censor a word every 15 seconds you are obviosly not comfortable with the song and shouldn’t play it. I would rather you not play it than butcher it because the F-word makes you cry. and it’s not like mumford and sons is using the word in a derogatory manner. they are using it as a synonym for “messed up really really badly” which doesn’t fit. fuck is used for emphasis. They destroyed someone or something emotionally, they didn’t mess up a place setting.

And maybe it wouldn’t be so bad except that the edting out of the word is truly terrible. It’s clumsily cut out of the song and replaced by a distorted guitar strum. and it’s stretched or compressed in order to fit he part it’s in which distorts it even more. as a sound engineer this offends my ears.

And to cap it all off anyone who hears it knows exactly what word is suppose to fit there. no one is wondering. there is no mystery. This all comes back to censorship and the problems with it which i’m sure i’ll rant about sooner or later. In the meantime go listened to stuff uncensored.