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Ear infection

I have a middle ear infection. It is by far the worst pain i have ever felt. It’s not like mono where i could control when the pain hit me in the throat with a hammer. No this is pain that flares every time my sinuses have action. If i was feeling okay this would be fine. However i have a cold and that means my sinuses are bearing the brunt of the upper respirtory infection. So my ear pops all the time. And every time it does i’m hit in the head with a hammer. and it’s not just my ear, oh no, i get to feel pain on the whole left side of head. And remember pain for sniffling, coughing, sneezing, burping, wheezing or just yawning. I hate being sick.


A Few Mini rants

I figure I may do this often but instead of thinking up like 500 words on one subject I’ll do a few small rants of no more than a paragraph or two. looking back over the other posts I notice this is getting kinda angry and I don’t want just anger rants. That in mind I thought a couple of rants praising stuff i like.

Think Positive!

Team Fortress 2

Yahtzee once said that if you had “been remotely interested in online shooters in the last decade” (said in 2008) “you already know everything about team fortress and TF2 is basically that with all the corners cut off and polished to a mirror shine.” seeing as i spent most of 1995-2007 playing a Sony console or gamecube i knew nothing of the desolate wasteland that had become PC gaming. It is still that but like the people in fallout they built several small towns. Some are well run if a bit sinister (steam) and some are raider filled trash dumps (games for windows LIVE).

So with little working knowledge of online shooters I jump in.  Now online I have played halo, I have played call of duty, I have played unreal tournament. team fortress 2 is so much better in so many ways.  And maybe I’m wrong but the population of people I would kill in real life for being totally retarded is ridiculously lower.  I’ve had conversations about aboriginal natives while playing this game.  the classes let you know what you’re suppose to do without being too easy and are deep enough that with enough practice you can become an unstoppable machine.  And thankfully unlike some other games not having disposable income isn’t a hindrance. you can buy all the special weapons if you got the cash or you can just get them in-game for playing. 

After typing this (if child will let me) I’ll probably play it.

Some anime

Netflix (I’ll rant at some point)  recently enlarged their anime portfolio.  Being the gigantic nerd that I am, I am ecstatic! ^w^.  recently butler black and ken-ichi; the mightiest disciple have been watched.   they also have the entire inuyasha series (again will rant) it’s in japanese with english subtitles.  Now I don’t mind this and it’s probably because only like half the episodes were ever dubbed in english but it is weird getting use to new voices for familiar characters.i’ve seen some other stuff I’ll get around to.  I’ll probably rant at some point.

Ken ichi is good in that it’s about fighting and seems like some with a black belt actually advised on the show.  the characters are solid and unlike DBZ instead of starting with the most powerful fighter and having  to make stronger and stronger enemies until you have a god as a main character that’s has to be nerfed at the beginning of the next spinoff it starts off with a know-nothing and progress at mild pace from there.  it’s good in a way I haven’t seen since arc 2 of bleach.

black butler is grim dark and set in Victorian england.  not a lot of action but one hell of a butler.  Lots of subdued supernatural which i like.  i hate when there are giant demons walking around causing havoc and everyone seems to be looking tin the wrong direction at the wrong time every time.  It’s really disturbing and usually lamp shaded or just ignored.  suspension of disbelief and all that.  this however takes the better approach of everything supernatural being just believable enough that yeah if you saw the aftermath you wouldn’t think is was a giant demon dog.

also rugrats seasons were added.  I’ve been forced to reverse my childhood opinion wild thornberries was a better show.  They’re both still okay, but WT is cleaner, better written, and more interesting.  RR gets too stale after awhile which is clear because they kept adding new characters (in order; susie, dil, chuckie’s step sister).  and all grown up is still an annoying pile of failure in my opinion.

Internet Browsers

Firefox, Opera, Netscape, Chrome and of course the default Explorer and Safari.  These are the most popular internet browsers.  I figure Explorer is the most popular.  Safari, Firefox, and Chrome all probably fall in line behind it somewhere.  Some tell me one is better than the other, that one offers something that the other can’t match.

  To all of this I respond what the fuck ever…

None of it matters, get down off your high horse.  Firefox is not, I repeat, IS NOT better than Firefox.  It might be DIFFERENT but arguing that is it provably better is impossible.  It’s impossible because a) it’s a subjective judgement, Different priorities for different stuff.  Different Strokes for Different folks.  b) because Firefox is going to fulfill the same purpose and any thing one might consider better (CPU usage, loading times, IP compatibility) is going to happen in the background and 90% of the population isn’t going to need it.  People these days want a computer that they can plug-in and use.  And they are going to have to use that branded Browser tight out of the box because that’s a whole lot faster than downloading interwebs adventurer version 2.34.5003. 

I not ranting against the use of Firefox Opera Chrome Safari or whatever you might be using to read this.  I am ranting against this mentality that One browser is better than the other and that not using ones preferred brand of internet underpants somehow makes them beneath that one.  Are you gonna turn your back on God when you find out he’s using AOL?  Or perhaps we shouldn’t listen to the Dali Llama because he likes chrome.  Or goodness Turns out that vicious Dictator who just killed 10,000 people down in southeast asia likes Opera.  What now?