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Star Wars Prequels

Given that everybody on the internet seems to agree that the prequel trilogy to star wars sucked, I am inclined to rant on the subject.  Many have brought up it’s shortcomings and flaws.  Many have called it garbage and an insult to the sequels.  and you know what?  they are entitled to their opinions.  but I think they’re wrong.

I will admit the movies have flaws.  each and every single movie has a flaws and plot holes.  The real problem i think that most people have with the prequel trilogy is it isn’t new anymore.  They are looking through rose tinted glasses at the days of their youth and remembering the awe of one of the very first movies to incorporate modern-day special effects and wondering why these new movies don’t inspire that same awe and wonder.

Well for starters these are prequels so there is absolutely no mystery or intrigue or surprise that we won’t see coming.  We know Anakin is going to become a bad guy, we know Obi-wan is going to be a good guy.  We know who lives and who dies.  Who wins and who loses.  What is going to happen and when.

Who is this little boy in the desert?  Anakin Skywalker in the future Darth Vader.  This bad guy is going to die?  No, no he’s not in fact he’s going to win.  Oh goodness Yoda is in trouble!  don’t worry he’ll be fine, he is in the future (except for dying of old age).

second as i said it isn’t new.  go back in time 50 years with a cell phone and amaze people go forward in the future 50 years and cell phones will have been replaced by something cooler.  Star Wars for all intents and purposes created modern-day special effects.  They used the fucking cutting edge on a tight budget skunkworks project back then.  Now special effects are used in practically every movie being made.  They aren’t going to reinvent the wheel.  Technologically they can’t.  You can’t upgrade the best we have. the studios have used special effects since the Jedi returned and have been making the best to use in every movie ever since.  And to cap it all off The matrix had just revolutionized what special effects could do mere weeks before episode 1.  Is It any wonder that you aren’t amazed by Gungans vs. battle droids right after seeing two super hackers systematically tear apart a computer controlled government building (with guns… lots of guns)?

I’ve heard George Lucas is good with a tight budget and bad with a large one.  I don’t think that holds true because everything the prequels do wrong the originals do just as wrong.  I would posit that episodes 1,2, and 3 are just as bad as 4,5, and 6.

Stale wooden acting and generic stereotypical cast, over the top action, gratuitous fanservice in the third installment.  And frankly episode 4 was just as boring as episode 2.

I liked episode 1, 2, and 3 they were what I expected.  I’m not sure what everyone else expected especially because no one has seriously said what they would have done for the prequel trilogy.  Some have said they just would not have made them, and to that I respond “well weren’t you the one clamouring for the prequels back in ’95 when the trilogy was rereleased?”