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Internet Browsers

Firefox, Opera, Netscape, Chrome and of course the default Explorer and Safari.  These are the most popular internet browsers.  I figure Explorer is the most popular.  Safari, Firefox, and Chrome all probably fall in line behind it somewhere.  Some tell me one is better than the other, that one offers something that the other can’t match.

  To all of this I respond what the fuck ever…

None of it matters, get down off your high horse.  Firefox is not, I repeat, IS NOT better than Firefox.  It might be DIFFERENT but arguing that is it provably better is impossible.  It’s impossible because a) it’s a subjective judgement, Different priorities for different stuff.  Different Strokes for Different folks.  b) because Firefox is going to fulfill the same purpose and any thing one might consider better (CPU usage, loading times, IP compatibility) is going to happen in the background and 90% of the population isn’t going to need it.  People these days want a computer that they can plug-in and use.  And they are going to have to use that branded Browser tight out of the box because that’s a whole lot faster than downloading interwebs adventurer version 2.34.5003. 

I not ranting against the use of Firefox Opera Chrome Safari or whatever you might be using to read this.  I am ranting against this mentality that One browser is better than the other and that not using ones preferred brand of internet underpants somehow makes them beneath that one.  Are you gonna turn your back on God when you find out he’s using AOL?  Or perhaps we shouldn’t listen to the Dali Llama because he likes chrome.  Or goodness Turns out that vicious Dictator who just killed 10,000 people down in southeast asia likes Opera.  What now?


Social Games

Farmville, Cityville, Mafia Wars, Treasure Isle, Cupcake corner, World of Vampires, Hotel City, restaurant City, backyard monsters, the list goes on and on.  They are the newest and most popular form of Video Games, Casual or Social Games.  To Normal People, a fun pastime while killing time on facebook.  To gamers either the beginning of the end for Video Games as they know it or less dramatically really stupid little games that your girlfriend wanted you to play so you could send her knick knack 4.

I fall into group 2.  I’ve come to despise the cheeky the little things.  They are perfect for the little social butterflies that populate Facebook and such.  But for more gameplay centered gamers they are crap and stonewall you in a manner that is insulting.

See alot of these games have this thing where you need so many friends or need to get more friends.  If you are say the popular girl or boy in highschool and you have 500 friends then easystreet.  Chances are at least 100 of them play the game.  And even if they don’t you can text like 20 people lower down in the social pecking order to have them play so they can accept your request.

But for the Hardcore Gamer crowd getting friends in this manner is harder.  For first Gamers tend to gravitate to each other.  Playing Halo and madden doesn’t make you a gamer.  Playing a small library of First person Shooters and RPGs and various other genres and completing them all and spending some serious time in multiplayer makes you a gamer.  Anyway there aren’t many of these people but they are around and they find each other and hang together.  they don’t normally socialize like others.  Maybe this is their fault maybe not but in the end if they have a farmville game chances are their facebook friend list is very small. 

So getting to these goals of “Have 25 friends” is hard.  My friends list tops out just above 100. mostly this is family.  We all live pretty separate from each other So facebook is useful for keeping connected and up to date with each other’s lives.  Farmville asking me to have 25 friends is insulting because not being able to complete says three things;

a)you don’t have enough friends because you’re unpopular

b)you’re friends suck because they don’t all play farmville

c)you’re using facebook incorrectly you need more friends even if they are total strangers. 

I don’t want to interact with total strangers and if I do I want to do it on a Team Fortress 2 server where I can stick a rocket up their ass if they get on my nerves.  I especially don’t want to harvest and water their crops and I don’t give a crap about their status updates. 

Now hypothetically I could just hide their status updates and forget about them.  I completed my quest right?  Well one-two punch from farmville is rewarding my proper use of facebook I get a mill.  BUT to start using this mill I need 5 pieces of paper, 5 wood, 5 mules, and 5 shovels.  These things have to be gifted.  So now I have to ask the people whose post I just hid for stuff.  If I hid their post it’s a safe bet they hid either of us asking the other for stuff becomes a problem.

Now the game I’m talking about is actually cityville.  I’ve never played farmville and I never will.  but my girlfriend needed zoning permits and city seals. 

I’m not about to say these game shouldn’t exsist.  Helping out friends through games legitimizes the good effects these games have.  But erecting wall to get through or around is hurting what these games offer.  I’ve seen really cool stuff in some screen shots for these games and I’d like to do some cool stuff myself I just don’t have enough friends.