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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

That’s an interesting greeting.  Anyway, hello, I’m Tim and because anything to do with the names Tim and Vinson(the names which currently make up mine) are already taken I’ll be going by my webself; Rayen.

 Anyway twitter and facebook both have the problem of not enough space and forums pigeon hole you so I’ve decided to blog.  a rational decision I know.

Anyway you’re here because I directed you here to learn the rules and what to expect.  This is my first post so I figured I should put all that and have a permanent link to it so newcomers can find it.


-Be nice.  That’s simple it means if you’re a jerk to me or someone else in the comments I will bring the deletion hammer down with unstoppable force.  if you disagree feel free to say so but flames and spiteful or hateful speech isn’t allowed. 

-Be sensible.  if i post a rant about say kittens, don’t comment about ancient pottery.  puppies are related but ancient pottery isn’t so go write your own blog post about it, don’t clog mine.

-Be reasonable.  going back to rule one if you disagree with me or I’m wrong (which is possible I’m only human) Feel free to voice it but do so in a manner that serves you well.  don’t post “UR WRNG IDIOT!!!AHAHAH!!!111! PWNAGE!!1!!11!”  that doesn’t make sense and makes me seem more right.  it also makes english majors cry, i know some who may read this and i don’t want to hurt them.

-Be calm.  posting angry never leads to anything productive.  anger will cause the breaking of rules 1-3.  if you disagree so strongly it makes you angry don’t comment and go read something that makes you happier.  if you can calm down come back and say something productive please do so.  besides isn’t better to smile?

Now then what to expect.  I’ll probably have a couple of categories.  Each will contain a selection of rants.  feel free to read each.   ever watch family guy?  remember when peter was on TV with a segment called grind my gears?  This blog is going to be that.  every time I get irritated by the world I’ll rant about it here.  For example;  i love your site and shows and such but you need a better way to get to my forum posts. Maybe I’m missing something but going to my profile and selecting one of my five last posts doesn’t cut it? what if I posted a topic and then made six comments in other threads?  how do I get back to my topic?  what if I can’t find it?  what if i wanna visit one of my older threads?

I could go on but I figure I’ll do a post on it sooner or later.  other than that you won’t see much… maybe some links or some cool pics if i find some.  anyway enjoy!