Age of Windows; Age of Suck

In my opinion, Age of Empires; Age of Kings was probably the pinnacle of the “Age of” series.  It’s the best RTS I’ve ever played.  Starcraft I just never could get into and Warcraft was neither immersive or intuitive.  I haven’t played the Total War Games so I don’t know anything about those.  However the Age of Empires series is something I grew up with.

And being developed by Microsoft The Age of Empires Series will last far into the future as long as there are windows OS’s right?  right?

Wrong.  Windows Vista and to an even greater extent Windows 7, both break the graphics of the game.  The break renders the ground textures into what has been called toxic waste.  Now I know windows doesn’t have the best track record with games.  But you would think if their own profits were at risk they would you know patch it or something.

The process to fix this is something that would end with most people calling text support. And even more complicated it differs depending on which OS your using.

To fix;
right-click the icon and select properties
open the compatibility tab
Set compatibility to XP service pack 2

And then possibly;
check run in 256 color
check run in 640×480
check disable visual themes
check disable desktop composition
check disable display scaling on high DPI settings


right-click the desktop
select personalize (windows vista) or screen resolution(windows 7)

(vista)select display settings
select 16 bit in the color tab

(Windows 7)select advance settings
select monitor
set colors to 16 bit

If that doesn’t work alt tab with the game open change it back to 32 bit and then back to 16 bit until it works.

Do you see the problem here? but whatever it is fixable and I get to play my game.

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