I love the show numb3rs.  David Krumholz is one of my favorite actors because of this series.  I’ve  been rewatching the whole thing on netflix. (i recommend netflix btw, it’s a convenient and well priced service, just hope it stays that way).  Last night I watched episode 31.   I dunno how I missed it but I’m glad I had.  this was an episode with no math tricks and no twists to the case, and it was horrible.  

  For those who didn’t watch the show, it is about a group of FBI agents fighting crime (see also criminal minds, Lie to me and without a trace).  The originality of this series comes from the lead FBI agent (played by Rob Morrow) having a little brother who is a math wiz.  and not in the “he got straight A’s and was mathletes team” math wiz.  No he graduated from Princeton at 14 and became the applied math prof. at CalSci at 21.  The little brother is named Charlie Eppes and is play by David Krumholtz and most plot have him using mathematical algorithms and probability models to out think the criminal.

This episode i watched though… there was none of that.  There was no out thinking the criminal, there was no witty math metaphors and it turned into the worst kind of boring crime drama.  They busted a meth lab, they found out the meth dealer had other vices (child porn) and that he was after his daughter and ex-wife.  the way it played it seemed to be building to some sort of twist at the end.  Maybe the meth dealer was trying save his daughter from child pornographers.  maybe he wasn’t the guy in the meth lab.  maybe his wife has some shady stuff… ultimately the only twist is that there isn’t one.  Police find daughter and mother first.  THen they get the bad guy trying to leave the country and then it ends after some characters talk about something pointless.  It was the worst kind of filler, that which adds nothing and doesn’t even entertain very well.  And the end is unresolved.  the dealer is shown in cuffs and then he asks for a lawyer and is walked off screen. 

??? and?

Nothing and the main character feels bad because when he was a child he thought he saw something bad happening at the neighbor’s house.  he talks about it then cut to black. None of it is ever brought up again. 

as i said worst kind of filler.

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