Tails Dragon Tales

I wish I wish

 with all my heart

 to fly with dragons

 in a land of —rt

This is the rhyme to go to dragon land in the show dragontales.  I know it’s a childrens show.  I know it doesn’t matter but by god my kids watch and that means I have to watch it.  or hear it at least.  And I think even then it wouldn’t bother me except one thing.  It sounds an awful lot like the last verse is “in a land of heart”.  I don’t know thats what it is, it’s sounds like alot of words;apart, fart, tart.  but the one that makes sense in the rhymeis heart.  That is annoying and it makes the rhyme not rhyme.  A word cannot rhyme with itself in a limerick.  This drives me nuts.  Evey time I hear it.

And yeah I know, welcome to parenthood.

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