Internet Browsers

Firefox, Opera, Netscape, Chrome and of course the default Explorer and Safari.  These are the most popular internet browsers.  I figure Explorer is the most popular.  Safari, Firefox, and Chrome all probably fall in line behind it somewhere.  Some tell me one is better than the other, that one offers something that the other can’t match.

  To all of this I respond what the fuck ever…

None of it matters, get down off your high horse.  Firefox is not, I repeat, IS NOT better than Firefox.  It might be DIFFERENT but arguing that is it provably better is impossible.  It’s impossible because a) it’s a subjective judgement, Different priorities for different stuff.  Different Strokes for Different folks.  b) because Firefox is going to fulfill the same purpose and any thing one might consider better (CPU usage, loading times, IP compatibility) is going to happen in the background and 90% of the population isn’t going to need it.  People these days want a computer that they can plug-in and use.  And they are going to have to use that branded Browser tight out of the box because that’s a whole lot faster than downloading interwebs adventurer version 2.34.5003. 

I not ranting against the use of Firefox Opera Chrome Safari or whatever you might be using to read this.  I am ranting against this mentality that One browser is better than the other and that not using ones preferred brand of internet underpants somehow makes them beneath that one.  Are you gonna turn your back on God when you find out he’s using AOL?  Or perhaps we shouldn’t listen to the Dali Llama because he likes chrome.  Or goodness Turns out that vicious Dictator who just killed 10,000 people down in southeast asia likes Opera.  What now?

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